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Mini Myths 1: Perseus and Medusa

The all powerful Gods of Olympus use mortal men as play things! Mighty King of the Gods 'Zeus' creates a new concept - the Hero - an individual to inspire humankind with acts of outstanding bravery. Perseus, the first of the heroes, is sent on an almost impossible quest to bring back the head of the elusive Gorgon, Medusa. But who is Medusa and where can she be found? Action, adventure, monsters and mayhem rock the ancient world as the age of the great heroes begins…

Mini Myths 2 Perseus and Andromeda

In the second adventure of the Mini Myths series Perseus has slain the dreaded Medusa and must now return home in time to save his mother from a tyranical King. Meanwhile the kingdom of Joppa is ruthlessly punished by the cruel Sea God, Poseidon. Princess Andromeda must be sacrificed to a gruesome monster to save the kingdom from total destruction.

Mini Myths 3 Theseus and the Minotaur

Third installment in the Mini Myths series. Can the heroic adventurer Theseus save the Kingdom of Athens from the dreaded Minotaur?

Stick It To 'Em!

Newtown... This metropolis is the shining beacon of the totalitarian regime known as the “Organisation”, callous administrators who impose their will on a human ant heap. Citizens exist in a perpetual state of drug saturated servitude.But Newtown is a dystopian enclave amidst a desolate waste ground. Those who exist within it know nothing of what lies beyond...Taylor, the protagonist... Hero? Anti-hero? Villain?! He is the lapdog of this cruel regime but is given a tantalising mission. Go beyond the walls of “Organisation” control and hunt down a high ranking defector.What awaits the hunter out there in the junk yard of the past?Stick It To'Em! is a near future roller coaster ride not for the faint hearted! Can you handle it?

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Cat vs Dog

Milo and his dad are moving in with Lily and her mum. Milo and Lily aren’t at all happy about it, and neither are their pets…

Copper/Band 12 books provide more complex plots and longer chapters that develop reading stamina.

Love My Hair

Using rhyme 'Love My Hair' is an enchanting book about a little girl called Leah. She doesn't always enjoy having her hair done but discovers that there is no such thing as perfect hair, we all look different. Join Leah as she meets with friends from diverse cultures, communities, abilities, and backgrounds.

The Curious Tales of Alfred the Great Thinker

Alfred, 10, is a great thinker. Or at least he thinks he’s a great thinker.
He knows that life is full of puzzles and mysteries so he has a lot of questions to answer. With a bit of help from Rose (best friend) and Charlie (little brother), he does his best to make some sense of the world. But he will also need your assistance in dealing with certain problems.
So make sure you’ve got your thinking cap on. Alfred could be the greatest thinker on earth. Or he could still have a lot to learn...
Perfect for ages 7 - 10 years old, this humorous and heart-warming book follows Alfred as he solves his way through five different questions in his own quirky style


Follow that cat! Franklin’s master scratched his head “I wonder where?” he said
“I’ll follow soon when night is dead
To see where my cat’s fed
A fun rhyming story about a loveable cat and the mischief he gets up to after dark.
Purrfect for cat lovers everywhere!

Cassia's Diary: The Story of One Girl's Adventures in Ancient Rome

Cassia and her family live in a tiny apartment in ancient Rome. Her parents are too poor to send her to school. Instead, Cassia and her brother spend their days working at a stinky laundry cleaning dirty clothes. Cassia dreams of a better life for her and her family. If only they could move out of the noisy city onto a quiet farm. But how will Cassia ever be able to make her dream come true?

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